Producer Dojo is the brainchild of Dylan, aka ill.GATES together with Dave Rhea of Harmonic Planet, and brought everyone together to create what is now Producer Dojo!

The dojo is a music ecosystem, cultivating the best music talent from the ground up:

  1. EDM Blog and Tutorials w/ 
  2. Music Production Training w/ ill.Methodology Workshops
  3. Membership Community w/ The Class of 808 and The Weekly Download
  4. Record Label w/ Mixtape Cyphers and Official Student Releases!
  5. Artist Marketplace w/ 

No matter where you are at in your music career, from someone who just started today, to a seasoned music industry veteran looking for a new way to monetize their career with mentorship or sample packs, the dojo is here to help you!

Producer Dojo is an extension of the ideals started on the compilation 'ill.GATES Presents The Class Of 808'. ill.GATES has ongoing groups of producers as students through his ProducerDJ courses and the graduating students that are throwing down some awesome beats will be featured on the new appropriately named label, Producer Dojo.

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