The Class of 808 was a success, but the name of the community was still missing something ...

It was Dylan's vision to educate producer's, release their music and provide a place for them to sell their products and services.

He built a vertically-integrated producer community and artist marketplace.

After the first couple months of the beta-release of the new membership club, a new marketing plan was needed to expand. That's when Dave Rhea from Harmonic Planet came on board. Dave's first move was to inspire the free weekly workshop, now known as "The Breakthrough".

During the creation of this new workshop, Dylan had a stroke of genius:


The overall brand up to this point had been ProducerDJ. Why not add two turntables or "O's" and the community finally had it's name.

Now all training, mentorship, blog and record label projects exist under the Producer Dojo brand name, and ProducerDJ is the artist marketplace.

The Breakthrough Workshop has since become a huge success, and now ill.GATES, and Harmonic Planet all provide integral parts of the Dojo Family.

Dylan and Dave are now all best friends and business partners. We have definitely been through thick and thin together, and look forward to helping YOU in your musical journey!

What's the next part of our official story?


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