In 2015, ill.GATES created his own Patreon page as an outgrowth of his YouTube channel. His goal was to support his music production livestreams and offer video lesson one-on-one mentoring.

He named the original batch of mentor-level patrons, The Class of 808, and this group included:

  • Matter
  • Mitch Brady
  • Moonsplatta
  • Spiderhound
  • Zodiak iller
  • Sather

A lot of this original Class of 808 video instruction can still be found inside the Producer Dojo library for current Class of 808 members.

After several months of instruction, Dylan thought it would be fun to get all his students to produce tracks for a compilation. This eventually became the first "ill.GATES presents The Class of 808 compilation"!

In October 2016, Dylan began livestreaming his original content series, called The Weekly Download. He hosted all the videos and project file downloads in Patreon, while we built out the new platform behind the scenes. We believed in the project so much, that we went out of pocket to build everything for Dylan. 

We decided to take all the video workshops and Patreon lesson vault, and organize them into a new membership club environment and call it the ProducerDJ Club. We took all the sound packs, and downloadable products and host them on the new ProducerDJ Market. Our flagship product revolved around the upcoming compilation release, as The Class of 808 started taking on a life of its own.

On January 28, 2017 we released The Class of 808 and The Weekly Download memberships on our ProducerDJ Club platform alongside the compilation. We actually even got to open for ill.GATES and KJ Sawka in Phoenix that night. While our first wave of members were signing up, the four of us were all working on a collab track, which would become "Swine Waves" off of ill.GATES upcoming Departures album.

The community was beginning to take shape, but the name wasn't quite there yet ...

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