Back before 2010, it was actually fairly tough to find professional-level education resources on becoming a better music producer.

Nowadays, you can find a tutorial on nearly any subject, or sample packs and presets specifically designed for any niche-genres. What the Producer Dojo offers is just as important now, as it was back then: the conduit.

What is the conduit?

It's a system of creating music quickly and utilizing it to form the foundations of a successful touring career. Learn more about the conduit in the Breakthrough Workshop and the Workflow Workshop.

This was originally conceived by ill.GATES back when he pioneered the first studio templates, and 128 racks for Ableton Live pre-2008. 

If you are a subscriber to The Weekly Download, you can check out his very first tutorial ... i.e. "Lesson Zero" here.

ill.GATES decided to package this content all together for a Live workshop series that he called the ill.Methodology, along with the ill.GATES' Guide to Producing.

In 2011, alongside the release of ill.GATES' ill.Methodology LP album, Dylan also converted his live workshops to a video series on his website. What started out as in 2012 eventually turned into in 2013, and finally to where it's at today with 

Many attribute the rise of EDM to Skrillex; however, real producers know that this happened simultaneously with the release of the ill.Methodology Workshops 1 & 2. ill.GATES has single handedly taught tens of thousands of upcoming artists, in person with his live workshops, such as at Lost Lands Festival or Imagine Festival, or online with his consistent live-streaming, or with his community at Producer Dojo.

All of this combined to inspire the next part of our story ... 

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