Is this program good for beginners? 

  • This program is GREAT for every level of producer! You will learn everything from the basics of creative thinking, all the way to technical sound design and everything in between!

Is this program good for advanced producers? 

  • Even if you are a professional, or amateur level advanced producer/musician/singer/rapper/DJ, there are plenty of things to learn. The best we have to offer to this level is our video lessons and song feedback from our team of music mentors.

Do I need Ableton to benefit from this program?

A lot of the resources available here are geared for Ableton users, but there is A LOT of content that help you break through writers block and keep evolving as a producer. We now offer video lessons with DAW-specific mentors

  • Ableton Live 9 & 10 + Suite
  • Logic Pro X
  • FL Studio
  • Maschine
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